Simpletine 简意坊

Welcome to Simpletine, a platform centered around education and life, encompassing the transmission of spirit and knowledge and the development of life tools.

The transmission of spirit and knowledge involves using literature, education, programming, and ideas as raw materials, fostering collective wisdom. It involves self-discovery in real life and gathering literary works, social phenomena, cultures, and more from around the world to enrich the platform.

Life tools are created using auxiliary tools as raw materials. We encounter various tools in our daily lives, such as to-do lists, Q&A platforms, Pomodoro timers, fuel calculators, and more. We provide open-source scripts and gather tools that are essential for our daily lives.

The mission of Simpletine is knowledge transmission and the creation of convenient life tools for users. Our vision is for Simpletine to become the simplest, most practical, creative, and powerful platform for integrating ideas.

Simultaneously, the dream of Simpletine is to build a virtual city. To take this dream further, we will virtualize city elements, present them systematically, and provide a gaming experience.

It's about creating a dream where we dare to think and play, and enjoy the process.

Valentine Chong



生活工具则是以辅助工具为原料,例如我们生活会用到各种工具,ToDo List,Q&A,Pomodoro,车油计算等等,并且提供一个公开的脚本,收集在现实生活中,会需要接触到多少个工具





About Creator


Hello everyone, I'm Valentine from Malaysia, an IT engineer. I have a habit of daydreaming and it was during one of these moments that I had a sudden inspiration to create Simpletine. My motivation stems from my love for logic, as I have a tendency to analyze and rationalize almost everything in life.

The development of tools is driven by my personal needs. Whenever I require a specific tool in my daily life, I delve into studying the underlying principles and create a customized tool for myself. This not only brings me a sense of accomplishment but also benefits others. Although the stability may not always be optimal during the development process, I thoroughly enjoy the digitization of life and the continuous improvement and upgrading it entails.

The inspiration for incorporating educational elements came from my passion for CodeIgniter 4. I wanted to share my real-world applications of CodeIgniter 4 through teaching, constantly improving and progressing. Additionally, I aim to break boundaries and combine it with other applications such as WordPress and Restful API to broaden the scope of education and I transmit this knowledge through YouTube.



教育元素的启发源于我对CodeIgniter 4的热爱。我希望通过教学的方式传递我对CodeIgniter 4的实际应用经验,并不断改进和进步。同时,我还致力于将其与其他应用范围,如 WordPress 和 Restful API 相结合,以拓宽教育的领域,并且通过 YouTube 把这份知识传递下去。