20 Mar 2023

New Version


This upgrade includes improvements to the user interface, operational processes, and optimization, reducing the complexity of the website. Compared to the previous version of Toolstine service, which required constant refreshing to obtain results, the majority of tools now use built-in methods … more

02 Dec 2022

New Services Publish

New Service: Fueltine, a services provided a calculation and record expenses of fuel expenses, with every trip

27 Nov 2022

Version update

New function: Reset Password, member login and logout function, lyricstine contribution function

23 Nov 2022

Version update

Change:layout adjustment:
Summary:Improve post layout

18 Nov 2022

Version update

new feature release: Contact us, Release, Services menu bar grouping, Footer Quick Link and website statistic

27 Jun 2022

Testing first phase

First phase is for basic add new and edit existing part, test run on 28 June 2022, if you interested to become contributor, make sure you're registered, all points will record under your account, if something wrong at registration, kindly retry on our Main Home

21 Jun 2022

Welcome Message

Hi there, our lyrics service done the first launch on 1st August 2022, try us for your best choice for your lyrics finder