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About Us

The inspiration for website construction comes from the concept of learning in today's society. Because the current learning is too one-to-one, some scholars who are essentially interested in learning cannot persist in learning because they are not suitable for this learning method.

However, we found that in the game, just like learning, how to make ourselves stronger, use various game strategies to improve ourselves, and have a whim, so we began to design, through the game method to carry out various The concept of learning, which will initially launch on June 1, 2022

The first project service is the lyrics network, I believe everyone is familiar, the design idea is to find a lyrics, click to learn, through typing, familiar with the lyrics, play a certain effective learning method, let you in karaoke OK When the time comes, bloom your self-confidence, and no longer feel discouraged by slips of the tongue! Come on!

Secondly, we will provide various services about tools, programming learning, literature and art, etc. The services are still being developed and designed, so stay tuned!