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We are thrilled to introduce a new concept in online learning, inspired by the game world. Our team has noticed that traditional one-to-one learning can be a challenge for some scholars who are inherently interested in learning, but may not thrive in that type of environment.

Our solution is to create an online platform that leverages the fun and engagement of games to teach a variety of concepts. We will launch the platform on June 1, 2022, and the first project service will be the Lyrics Network.

The Lyrics Network is a familiar concept to many of us, but our approach is unique. Through interactive typing exercises, we will help users learn the lyrics of their favorite songs. By using effective learning methods, we aim to boost confidence and eliminate discouragement when singing karaoke. Our goal is to help users shine and feel great about their performances.

In addition to the Lyrics Network, we are also developing services for tools, programming, literature, art, and other areas of interest. We believe that our approach to learning through games will be a powerful tool to motivate and engage learners of all ages.

Thank you for your attention, and please stay tuned for updates on our progress.